The Sparkly Taboo

Throw on your sequins and enjoy a naughty night out where the beautiful mingle with the bizarre.

Whether you’re into the art of the tease, aerial acrobatics or witting innuendoes, this show offers a tantalising selection of Brisbane’s finest performers and you’ll experience a raunchy roulette of circus, burlesque and cabaret delicacies. The Sparkly Taboo is your invitation to a glittering world where inhibitions are to be left at the door and sparkles are mandatory.

A full length stage show is not for the faint of heart, this adults only production made it’s debut at Wonderland 2015, Brisbane Powerhouse, to a sell-out season and rave reviews. A pick’n’mix of saucy delights, The Sparkly Taboo will twirl you around their fingers and take you down a glittering alleyway to your wildest and most curious fantasies.

“The Sparkly Taboo is a mixed bag of girly goodies and deliciously entertaining … The perfect mix of naughtiness, awkward jokes and razor sharp quips … A show worth seeing with a champagne in hand and wearing your highest heels (this applies to both men and women).”