Stage Features

An excellent solution for just about anywhere! From a solitary performer balancing on one hand, to a group fire spinning frenzy and everything beautiful and bizarre in between, there is something suitable for all venues, audiences and events. Combine multiple stage acts or mix in some aerials to have a truly unique show, tailored to your specifications.


A partner acrobatic act of strength and balance, often enhanced with dance or comedy. Many styles of acts: statuesque beauty, comedic calamity, sassy cabaret plus many more. Available as a duo or trio.  


A solitary contortionist twists and bends her body into intriguing positions, moving like liquid. Astonishing feats of flexibility, poise and balance will turn your mind inside out!  


Let us set your night ablaze with a raging inferno! From a solitary performer eating fire to a fully choreographed stage show with multiple performers spinning up a firestorm, this is sure to heat things up!  


Hand-balance is a solo performance of strength, grace and agility. Balancing atop delicate canes, she stands upon one hand with ease. A beautifully choreographed upside down dance.  

Hula Hoops

An energetic and entertaining act as multiple Hula Hoops are manipulated around every part of the body! Great for getting the crowd pumping and, on occasion, joining in on the action!  


Juggling and Object Manipulation are classic circus acts that can be performed in almost any venue. Comedic, contemporary or classic, choose the style that works best for your event.  

Roue Cyr

Roue Cyr is a beautiful, hypnotic act, mesmerising onlookers with it’s seamless fluidity. The artist spins, turns and rolls, manipulating this simple wheel with immense precision and control.  

A little Bizarre…

For those looking for something a little more peculiar, take a wander down sideshow alley, where delightful obscurities reside. Grinder girls, sword swallowers, how about a nap on a bed of nails? Curiouser and curiouser!!