Roving Acts

A colourful collection of circus to keep guests of all ages entertained! Towering stilt walkers, interactive characters and acrobats, dizzying hula hoopists and everything imaginable! From glamorous corporate affairs to family festivities, there is something suited to all tastes and budgets.


Our roving acrobats come in an abundance of colourful characters, as solos, duos and trios! Solo acrobats roam or perform installation style sets atop podiums. Duos and trios are wonderful for audience participation and range from the graceful to the hilarious to utter calamity! Have your photos taken with our acrobats or perhaps give being … Continue reading Acrobats

Stilt Walkers

Towering above their admiring onlookers, stilt walkers exude an otherworldly presence. With many costumes and characters available, be sure there will be something to tickle your fancy. Always a crowd favourite, you can’t go wrong with a stilt walker, or two or three! Stilt walkers are a wonderful way to deliver tasty treats and gifts … Continue reading Stilt Walkers


Roaming on land or floating in a pool, this spectacular twist on traditional roving entertainment is a great addition to any event. Transform our bubbles into themed installations for weddings, seasonal entertainment and more. Performers can be dressed to suit any theme and adorned in twinkling fairy lights. Bubbles can also be included as part … Continue reading Bubbles

Hula Hoops

Perfect for interactive and outdoor events, our hula hoopist will wow the crowd with her fast spinning hoops, then invite guests to have a go – if they dare! fantastic for team building days and community events, or a memorable end of year party!  


Another roving act which is perfect for warming the crowd. Our juggler hilariously entertains guests with a mix of skilled object manipulation and comedy. Guests can try their hand at juggling or just observe. How many balls can stay in the air at once????  

Enchanted Willow Tree

The Enchanted Willow Tree is a magical work of art, a lone tree captured at sundown in glittering shades of blue and silver. Standing strong amongst your guests, branches gently swaying in the breeze, its towering form is an awe inspiring sight and will be the focal point of any room. Adorned in twinkling blue … Continue reading Enchanted Willow Tree


Similar to solo acrobats, contortionists perform installations as your guests mingle. Whether this be atop a podium, activating a small nook in a venue or just roaming in general. you can be sure to have your mind bent inside out as she ties herself in knots!  


An abundance of colourful and quirky characters to suit every occasion!!! Wonderful for all types events, including corporate functions and family friendly festivals, our extensive range of interactive characters will have you intrigued. Many characters come as solo characters, however most work best in duos. Many can also be customised, to suit your company colours … Continue reading Characters


Let us set your night ablaze with a raging inferno! From a solitary performer fire eating to a fully choreographed stage show featuring multiple performers spinning up a fire storm, this is sure to heat up your night.