Aerial Features

Nothing compares to the spectacle of aerial performances. Daring aerial acrobatics fused seamlessly with balletic movement create a breathtaking visual, leaving a lasting impression on every audience. From classical to cirque to contemporary and everything in between, the styles and possibilities are endless…

Welcome your guests with illuminated artists suspended on glittering hoops, get the crowd pumping with adrenaline invoking swinging acts or build anticipation and excitement with a fully choreographed feature show with multiple aerialists performing simultaneously.

Aerial Atmosphere

Our visually spectacular Aerial Atmosphere installations set the mood for intimate functions and large scale corporate events alike. Ideal for meet and greet as guests arrive for a night of festivities, mingling cocktail functions and more, elaborate costuming or an aerial songstress create a unique ambience. Installations last 15 – 60 minutes or more and … Continue reading Aerial Atmosphere

Golden Chandelier

A one of a kind creation exclusive to Aerialicious, the exquisite Golden Chandelier is certain to turn heads. Adorned with sparkling crystals and twinkling candles, this visually stunning piece works beautifully with performers in long flowing dresses for maximum visual impact. Best suited for Aerial Atmosphere installations or as part of a feature show.  


A fusion of Tissu and Lyra, Lyssu is a diverse apparatus creatively combining the beauty of flowing fabric and the elegance of a simple turning hoop. Available as a stand along feature act or Aerial Atmosphere installation with up to three aerialists.  


A glittering Lyra revolving hypnotically in the air provides a suspended stage for an aerial hoop dance. The artists coils herself within, around and through the ring in an enchanting and seemingly effortless display of strength, flexibility and fluidity.  


From sensual and balletic, to dynamic and energetic or everything in between, Tissu is a stunning opening to any special event or the perfect after-dinner entertainment. Also known as Aerial Silks, this unique display of strength, agility and synchronicity on rippling fabric cascading from the ceiling is one of our most popular requests. Maximise visual … Continue reading Tissu


Trapeze – an aerial act of power and beauty, perfect for cabaret themed events, pre-show entertainment and feature performances. Traditionally hung from two points, Trapeze can also be suspended from a single point to create a dance Trapeze, allowing it to spin and bring a modern twist to this classic apparatus.  


An act where strength and beauty are in perfect balance. Twisting and coiling around a solitary rope, intricately woven shapes combined with spectacular drops make Corde Lisse a beautifully, awe-inspiring aerial performance.  

Spanish Web

A twisting, twirling cavalcade of movement filled with gravity-defying spins and exhilarating action. The Spanish Web is a daring aerial performance sure to get your heart pumping!  


A loop of fabric suspended high in the air, cradles the aerialist within it’s folds. Intricate shapes coupled with astounding flexibility create a unique and diverse aerial performance. Great as a feature act, also wonderful as an Aerial Atmosphere installation.  

Duo Lyra

Two bodies interweave, creating kaleidoscopic shapes inside a spinning aerial ring. Duo Lyra is a feature performance of mirror imagery and synchronicity, perfectly balanced with breathtaking aerial feats, strength and trust.  

Duo Trapeze

Duo Trapeze – an act filled with breathtaking dynamic manoeuvres. In this display of aerial artistry, two performers embrace and release through a series of daring aerial acrobatic catches with ease and fluidity.  

Aerial Fringe

Aerial Fringe is an act of class and prestige, drawing on the glamour of the roaring 1920’s with this large scale fringe curtain. Featuring a gorgeous aerialist flanked by two tasseled-up beauties, this visually spectacular apparatus is one of a kind, designed and built by Aerialicious.  


A diverse and playful performance fusing Tissu and Trapeze, Melange is a unique creation, designed specially for Aerialicious. A delightful aerial dance between two aerialists displaying flawless synchronicity and creativity.  

Triple Trapeze

A fun, energetic and playful group aerial act set on a Triple Trapeze. Up to 4 artists balance, weave and interchange, supporting each other through a choreographed sequence of complimentary poses and strength-based moves.  


Cloudswing offers a dynamic and elegant performance with heart-stopping aerial leaps and mid-air catches. Our gorgeous performer flies through the air on a loop of rope, effortlessly floating through seemingly impossible twists and catches.